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A must-play game on the PC! Hopefully, your PC can run it. It is "playable" on the Steam Deck if you can get past the rain portion. #lastofus #needtoknow #steamdeck

The game is beautiful! There is nothing like sprawling skyscrapers in a city aged by mother nature. You will easily forget about the fungal zombies while searching for parts and enjoying the rain hitting the collapsing buildings with thunder echoing in the background as clickers approach. Sorry, I get caught up in the moments that make The Last of Us so good, and you will too.

It's not all roses with the PC port

I have played the game on my PC with an Nvidia 3090 just fine, with just one crash that was probably due to streaming software, and my Steam Deck runs on average at 30 FPS with FSR 2 enabled. The rainy areas will hurt the frames on the Deck, though. While I have been able to play it fine, people have been reporting crashes, poor performance, and wait times for shader caching.

The game plays great and is a visual wonder!

Prepare to wait

You have to wait around an hour for the shader cache to compile before you can play, depending on the system you are playing on. My Intel i9 - 10900K CPU and Nvidia 3090 GPU PC took around one hour to compile, and my Steam Deck took about an hour and a half to compile the shaders.

Plan to wait one to two hours before you can play the game right now.


The story follows Joel and Ellie as they traverse the dynamic world of the spore-apocalypse, where humans are just as dangerous as fungal-infected people. You will see what humanity can do when faced with a horrific enemy. You will fight your way through every nightmare humanity can throw at you on your journey to deliver Ellie.

Compared to the TV show

The game and the TV show pick two very different lenses to showcase the deep world of Last of Us. You will see what Joel and Ellie have to go through every day, whether you see the peacefulness of nature or the harsh reality of combating humans in every form. The TV shows more of the highlighted moments of their lives and journey and shows the true love and hate of humanity behind the horrific world.


You must salvage for quick heal snacks, parts to upgrade your weapons, craft medkits, shivs, and more. The Weapons are iconic and basic but do the job with various pistols, rifles, and traps to take on the spore-enabled baddies. The game has you running around shooting things in a third-person view and allows for melee, stealth, and all-out shooting. Watch out for the one-hit clickers, as they will destroy you.


The minimum specs should be able to run the game at a constant 30 FPS, but that doesn't seem to be the case right now. Hopefully, this will change in the near future. This type of practice needs to end. If you claim the game runs on these specs, make sure it does, or change them.

Should you buy it?

If your PC is in the recommended spec range or you don't mind dips, you should 100% buy The Last of Us Part 1! Its beautifully dangerous cities and countryside deserve all the praise it has got over the years.

If you like shooting, surviving, and exploring a post-apocalyptic world more about the whole experience than just zombies, you will walk away knowing the joys this game brings with the lows and highs that hit the heart.

If you only have a Steam Deck, You might want to wait a few weeks for updates and improvements to see if the game will run better on the Deck. It's

The Last of Us™ Part I | PC Steam Game | Fanatical
Experience the emotional storytelling and unforgettable…


The game is amazing; with a world full of beauty, danger, and adventure, you would be crazy to pass up this gem. Go pick up the game today and see why it is one of the most critically acclaimed games ever.

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James Brinkerhoff
James Brinkerhoff
I'm a gamer, developer, and creator. I create content on games, life, and the steam deck on here, Games Revealed & Th3Brink YouTube channels. visit for more.
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