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A weekly game hardware newsletter with all the most interesting hardware news curated for you. Learn when the next big Handheld comes out and more!

Releases Tuesday

Gaming Revealed This Week

A weekly gaming newsletter with all the most interesting game news curated for you.

Releases Thursday

GameDev Revealed This Week

A curated newsletter from how games work to building your own game. Stay up to date with the industry!

Releases Sunday

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This Week Revealed #1
Welcome to our new newsletter! You will find news on Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Space Remake, and more. We will be releasing this every week, and it will include articles from and other sites that have news related to topics on our Most Wanted list or anything that really
What’s New At Games Revealed
We changed the website once again so it was more user-friendly and simple. We will continue to do giveaways and so much more with this simplified site. I, Wolf, and a mystery other have been busy bringing you content on GR’s YouTube, Th3Brink’s Twitch | Youtube,, and the old
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