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Jun 29, 2023 1 min read

20% off on the Steam Deck During the Steam Summer Sale

Pixel art of cats and fish in a city scape full of air conditioners. Text: Steam Deck is on Sale now.

The Steam Summer Sale started June 29th and lasts until July 13th. Much like Valve's previous sitewide sale, the Steam Deck has been discounted yet again. Last time the Steam Deck was discounted by 10% across the board, while this sale adds an additional 5% off for each step up.

Steam Deck variants are discounted down to $359.10 for 64GBs, $449.65 fo 256GBs, and $519.20 for 512GBs.

For those who game outside and don't wish to upgrade their SSD themselves, the recommended option would be the 512GB for its anti-glare screen and largest capacity.

The 64GB model is perfect if you want to rely solely on the SD card port to save everything, or wish to upgrade the SSD yourself and save some money.

In addition, the Steam Deck official dock is 20% off too, making it $71.20 before tax.

Steam Deck Docking Station is 20% off for a price of $71.20
Cody Castona
Cody Castona
Cody's love for games started at a very young age thanks to Donkey Kong and Araknoid arcade cabinets in the home he grew up in. His first console was a PlayStation, and enjoys new and retro games.
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