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Spoiler: It's great, with a few exceptions. The Steam Deck has received a ton of attention in 2022 from accessory companies, from dock makers to case weavers, and one of my favorite accessories to come out of all these is the Tomtoc carrying case. But why is a bag such a good choice? It comes down to what you can do with it and that is stuff it full of useful items for your Steam Deck.

What can you put in it

  • Steam Deck
  • Battery banks
  • HDMI and USB-C cables
  • SD cards and holders
  • Docks and dongles
  • Protein Bars - after the gym gaming
  • Controllers - PS5, Xbox, Switch
  • AYANEO 2/Air, GPD Win Max 2, and others
  • Small Keyboards (this is a tough one)


Plenty Of Room

There are 3 pockets and a divided main section that brings tons of room to carry your much need extras to your next game hangout, dreaded family gathering, or next vacation.

The outside pocket has thick walls and works great for battery banks, cords, and small controllers. The inside zip-up pocket is great for cords, dongles, and loose small things. The small pocket on the divider is great for sd cards, thumb drives, and keys. The non-device section of the inside is great for large controllers, mice, battery banks, and docks.

I could fit my dongle dock, SD card holder, two USB-C cable, a power adapter, mouse, HDMI Cable, and a battery pack. I just wasn't able to fit my keyboard in there for a complete FPS travel kit.

While you can fit a lot in it, I do not recommend tossing too much in and overstuffing the bag. You could put pressure on the device's screen, which could crack it.

Don't overstuff your bag and break your screen
I have successfully packed my mouse, dongle dock, cords, sd card holder, two switch controllers, battery pack, and Steam Deck with zero issues.


The Steam Deck holder in the case  has plenty of padding and nice big pad for your Steam Deck's screen. You can place your Steam Deck in the case knowing it is safe and protected. Just don't put your keys or other items on the device holder side to prevent scratching your deck's screen.

The perfect comobo if you are truely concerned for your Deck's safety is to use a protect case with your Deck and Tomtoc bag. I've used multiple cases like the Killswitch, JSAUX Kickstand, and other cases without issues. It can add more bulk so be aware of that.

Where It Could Improve

I've mentioned plenty of upsides to this great bag, but with pretty much everything in this gray dark world, the Tomtoc bag has a few downsides to it

  1. The front soft part of the bag is easy to scuff and scrape up and is located in the place that will come in the most contact.
  2. While it can fit almost everything I need, I still can't fit my compact Keychron keyboard in the bag with the deck in there. Just two more inches in length would have fixed this.
  3. I love dark-colored cases, but having at least another choice with some color would have been nice for those looking to pop out in the world.

The Verdict

The Tomtoc bag is a versatile bag that allows you to carry almost anything you need for a day trip out of the house or just around your house. It can hold your dongle, sd cards, power adapter, mouse, and more while not looking bulky. If you need protection, room, multi-purpose bag, then you should go and grab this bad boy right now.

8 out of 10 - Great Case!

Go pick yourself up one at Amazon

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James Brinkerhoff
James Brinkerhoff
I'm a gamer, developer, and creator. I create content on games, life, and the steam deck on here, Games Revealed & Th3Brink YouTube channels. visit for more.
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