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Feb 10, 2023 1 min read

Redfall Will Need To Be Constantly Online Now

Redfall Will Need To Be Constantly Online Now

The announcement that Redfall requires an internet connection to work even when playing single-player has been met with disappointment by many eager fans of the game. This news has been so disheartening that some have gone as far as to ask for refunds.

It's clear that this is an issue Arkane needs to address in order to keep their players happy. While a six-week delay may have been a letdown, it certainly isn't as discouraging as the news that Redfall requires an internet connection for even single-player. It's now up to Arkane to figure out a way to make their game playable offline for those who don't require an internet connection.

What About the Steam Deck?

This would prevent you from playing your favorite games on the airplane or while in a town or on the road where the internet is spotty. Other portable devices will be affected by these decisions and just seem to hurt the consumers more than prevent piracy. I think the new era of Decks, AYANEOs, and more will change the minds of some of these companies as we move to a more portable PC gaming world.

James Brinkerhoff
James Brinkerhoff
I'm a gamer, developer, and creator. I create content on games, life, and the steam deck on here, Games Revealed & Th3Brink YouTube channels. visit for more.
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