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Feb 14, 2023 2 min read

Modding your Steam Deck with RGB lights might not be the best idea... yet

Modding your Steam Deck with RGB lights might not be the best idea... yet

A few weeks ago, reddit user u/WUBBSY modded their Steam Deck with RGB lighting, and it looked awesome! Well, looks like there were some consequences for their actions. The modder gave a stark warning on their github page.

We highly recommend to not do this mod at the moment until we find a workaround!  - WUBBSY Github

The RGBDeck mod has been circulating on Reddit since earlier this month, with u/WUBBSY demonstrating the process of applying a microcontroller and LED strips to the device and finishing it off with a transparent backing from JSAUX so the lights can be seen through the case.

Source: Reddit

Adam Honse (u/CalcProgrammer1), the developer of the open-source lighting platform OpenRGB, also attempted the mod and even created an integration that would let users control the Steam Deck’s lighting through the app.

Source: Github

However, Honse recently posted an update that advises against trying the mod, explaining that the added power draw on the internal USB connection between the motherboard and controller PCB caused a tiny component to fail and damaged another element on the Steam Deck’s motherboard.

Source: Reddit

This means the mod is not quite ready yet, but it is good that Honse warned other modders before they tried it and caused damage to their Steam Decks. Hopefully, a possible solution will arrive soon and we won't have to wait until Valve adds RGB to the Steam Deck by default.

If you want to attempt the mod or think you can improve upon the design so the issues with the WUBBSY are fixed, then you can check out the guide here

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RGBDeck/ at main · WUBBSY/RGBDeck
RGB Lighting for the Valve Steam Deck. Contribute to WUBBSY/RGBDeck development by creating an account on GitHub.
Don’t attempt this RGB Steam Deck mod just yet
The RGBDeck mod isn’t ready.

James Brinkerhoff
James Brinkerhoff
I'm a gamer, developer, and creator. I create content on games, life, and the steam deck on here, Games Revealed & Th3Brink YouTube channels. visit for more.
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