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The glory of Altman has returned to help us reach convergence, and now you can do that on the go! But how good is the experience, and will it ruin your convergence with the deck? The one true marker in our lives. I was surprised at how Dead Space ran after changing a few settings.

I’ve played Dead Space multiple times and would speed run it at LAN parties with friends over the past years since the game was released, so when I heard Dead Space was being remade, I shouted for joy for a few days.

How Does it Run?

It was optimized well and ran really well on Desktop and beefy PCs, but the Steam Deck had a few issues on day one, but luckily Valve fixed the issue in a day, and now the deck runs the game like a champ. I still prefer it on my Desktop, but the deck is awesome for additional playthroughs.  

Beefy PC

On my 3090 Nvidia card, I got around 45 - 60 frames with DLSS and Graphic Quality set to auto with 4k a resolution. It looks like the auto adjusted to mostly high settings with a few ultra settings marked.  The game rarely dipped and played with very little bugs and looked amazing. Wether you are on a Nvidia 1060 or higher GPU, you should be able to run this at a setting that you will be happy with.


Portable Mode

I saw more undocked dips than docked, which first hurt my impression of the game on the deck. The battery will drain pretty fast when you have this game maxed out on what the deck will handle. It’s like watching a countdown timer to your deck’s demise. It’s still fun in this mode and is worth playing on the go with a battery pack

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Docked Mode?

This is where I was impressed. The deck handled the docked mode great. I was getting around 30 - 40 FPS with high settings, which is crazy! I could play through a few chapters without much hassle with dips happening, and in docked mode, I felt the dips affect me less than when I was playing the deck in my hands.

  • In docked mode, I recommend playing Dead Space at 720 - 1080 on high. It runs at a decent 30 - 40 FPS with some dips, but shouldn’t have many issues during combat.
  • If you don’t want to deal with settings, you can set the resolution to 720 for higher FPS or 1080 on a TV or 720 when on the deck’s screen for better visuals and set FSR and graphic presets to auto.
  • Or you can use my preferred (visual) settings, 1080 at balanced FSR and the high preset setting.


The auto setting really was just nice and worked well enough for most. All you need now is to survive the Dead of Space in this amazing survival horror that lets you play as a true engineer with all the proper tools for the job.

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