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Nov 20, 2022 1 min read

Holiday 2022 Steam Deck Travel Kit Guide That Prepares You To Survive!

Holiday 2022 Steam Deck Travel Kit Guide That Prepares You To Survive!
Table of Contents

This survival guide will get you to your destination and ensure you never get bored wherever you go. Whether you go out for the day, week, or forever, you should have everything you need to play your favorite games locked away in the bathroom or with your old friend group on the big screen.

1. Power Bank

While I get 2 - 3 hours with my favorite games on the Steam Deck, I still find myself on those long days out of the house needing a little more juice, and that is where power banks come in handy.

Baseus Power Bank, 65W 20000mAh Laptop Portable Charger - Buy Now (Amazon)

2. Carrying Case

tomtoc Carrying Case for Steam Deck Console & Accessories, Lightweight Everyday Carry Bag for Travel- Buy Now (Amazon)

3. Protective Case

Killswitch - Preorder (dbrand)

4. Earbuds

The Everyday Raycon Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds - Buy Now (Amazon)

5. Power Adapter

UGREEN 140W USB C Charger Nexode PPS PD 3.1 3-Port GaN - Laptop, Steam Deck, and Mobile Phone Charger - Buy Now (Amazon)

6. Power Cable

UGREEN USB C to USB C Cable 100W Type C Charger Cable - Buy Now (Amazon)

7. SD Card Holder

SMALLRIG Memory Card Case Holder Anti-Shock Anti-Fall - Buy Now (Amazon)

8. Keyboard

Keychron K6 Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Buy Now (Amazon)

9. Mouse

Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse - Buy Now (Amazon)

10. Dongle Dock

Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub - Buy Now (Amazon)

Selore USB-C Hub with M.2 NVMe Enclosure - Buy Now (Amazon)

11. Backpack

tomtoc Travel Backpack 40L - Buy Now (Amazon)

12. Controllers

Nintendo Joy-Con - Buy Now (Amazon)

Joy-Con 3rd Party - Buy Now (Amazon)

Sony PlayStation Dualsense Wireless Controller - Buy Now (Amazon)


SAMSUNG EVO Select Micro SD-Memory-Card + Adapter, 512GB microSDXC - Buy Now (Amazon)

MAONO Gaming Microphone for PC, USB Programmable Condenser Mic with RGB - Buy Now (Amazon)

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