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Feb 17, 2023 3 min read

Backplates, RGB breaking Decks, 2 TB drives in TWISDR

Backplates, RGB breaking Decks, 2 TB drives in TWISDR

This Week In Steam Deck Revealed

This week was good for backplate lovers and bad for team RGB modding.  We will be getting multi-color transparent backplates soon for the Steam Deck. The RGB mod hurts the deck. Are you looking to add more storage to your Steam Deck? We cover all these topics in this weeks newsletter.

If you have any interesting gaming or Steam Deck news, contact us on here or our Discord server.

Modding your Steam Deck with RGB lights might not be the best idea... yet

A few weeks ago, reddit user u/WUBBSY modded their Steam Deck with RGB lighting, and it looked awesome! Well, looks like there were some consequences for their actions. The modder gave a stark warning on their GitHub page.

Read More Before Attempting!

Different versions of the JSAUX backplates

Great news for you Steam Deck backplate lovers

Steam Deckers have wanted a good backplate replacement to relive the good days of transparent Gameboys. It took a lot longer than we expected for a replacement to come with it arriving on February 27TH, 2023.

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What you need to know about Returnal on Steam Deck

The game runs ok at around 30 - 40 FPS in the beginning with the correct settings but gets a little rough later on in the game. Our stance right now is that it is playable, and with a few bug fixes, you will be able to play this at a more consistent 40 FPS with low settings. We recommend holding off until we see it become more stable.

Read More or Watch Gameplay

You can get it at Fanatical

A new store design and build for providing more for your Steam Deck

We started a Steam Deck upgrade, repair, and parts shop where you can find SSDs, get professionally installed upgrades, or request your Steam Deck get fixed. The services are for people that don't want to open their device and upgrade/repair it.

Shop Here


The Deckmate is the perfect fit for your Steam Deck's mounting, standing, and creative needs.

Get 10% off at with code: GR10
or free mount when you spend $34+ & use code: GRFREEMOUNT

Potential JSAUX Mod Case issues

It looks like some of the early kits for the Jsaux Mod Case have some molding issues. They also have been putting stickers on the FOAM parts of the Case where it rests against the back of the Steam Deck. This was reported in the Steam Deck Discord and could be resolved when more shipments are rolled out.

Source: Steam Deck Discord | Informant: viesta2015
Source: Steam Deck Discord | Informant: viesta2015


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